It is true that Joomla Websites is not perfect. However, it is an open platform and there are developers who do add extra features to improve Joomla Websites. So, you can actually enhance the look of your websites using these extra features.

The first is the mailto. You can add it as a part of your layouts. You can add any link to the layouts such as a mailing address, your home address, your mobile number and so on.

You can get online help by going to the help file of the system which is in charge of Joomla Websites. You can find the help file through the help section at the bottom of the page. You can get help about everything from installation of new modules to adding links. This is a great way to save time and also to learn a lot of information about the system.

Another feature that you can add is the automatic update mechanism. This works by updating modules that have been installed through the system. You can install modules to maintain the running order of your site.

Another feature that you can add is the live chat feature. Here, you can talk to the system administrator via the online chat system.

When the system is in trouble, you can contact the popular support team that is working for the system. You can get support about the module that you want to install or upgrade. You can also use the online support through the online chat.

These two functions can help you maintain the running order of your site. You can also discuss with the system administrator or have a face to face discussion with him to resolve the problems that you may have. This way, you can prevent the site from crashing and giving you a chance to rectify it.

After installing the modules, you can install modules that are related to the database. These modules can be necessary or they can be just used to make the web pages more interesting. You can make your layouts more user friendly if you will include this module.

You can customize your modules to fit the themes that you like. You can create a layout with the different look and feel. So, it is an open platform where you can freely add and remove modules to your websites.

The templates may vary in many ways. However, most of them are similar. This way, you can easily change the appearance of your website.

Another module that you may want to add is the news feed. This helps you to get information about events happening all over the world. You can also add different categories and so on to help you categorize your information.

All these modules are available to enhance the look of your Joomla Websites. You can add these features and extend the functionality of your website. Therefore, it is not right to say that Joomla Websites is not perfect.

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