Most people have heard of small business websites. Small businesses have always been the engine that powers the U.S. economy and they are even more necessary today.

There are two kinds of small business websites: the point of sale websites and the e-commerce websites. Both represent the growing need for online customers.

The first kind of website is the point of sale. This is for online buyers who wish to buy the products, services or events being offered by a company. The point of sale is a Web site that collects the order details, provides the product or service information and actually delivers the goods or payment to the customer.

Order entry can be done through electronic money transfer. The goods or services can be sent to the customer’s email address. There is no need for postage, packaging or delivery service.

E-commerce websites can be used by both online sellers and buyers. These sites allow the sellers to display and sell their products and services. They also provide the online buyers with information about the seller’s products. Both buyers and sellers can be registered on the Web site.

Some sellers have their own website for their online selling business. Others use a Web site that was set up for them. They do not have to pay for the Web site.

There are also some sites that are exclusively for websites that sell products, services or events. The owners of these sites are usually merchants or franchisees of products, services or events.

One of the best things about using a third party hosting service is that it allows you to set up your company’s Web site from any Internet-connectedcomputer in the world. You are not limited to using the latest and greatest technology.

These days there are many different types of hosting solutions for small business websites. The following describes a few of the many options available.

An internet cafe is a company that rents out virtual computers for personal web pages. These computers can be used for surfing the Web, visiting websites and downloading data. The price is usually about $10 a day.

Another type of hosting service is reseller hosting. A reseller has access to a pool of server resources that are cheaper than the shared server because it has more users.

Online reseller hosting is especially useful for companies that don’t have the capital to build their own Web site. It provides an economical solution for small businesses.

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