For a new internet business that you want to get going, it may seem like very little you can do to stand out from the rest. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to make your website appear more professional and unique than the other competitors out there.

When I started my internet business, I had no idea what website design would be best for me. Now that I’m a pro at website design, I know that some features of a site will draw the biggest audience and others won’t. So be sure to take advantage of these tips when designing your website.

First, be sure that your pages are optimized for your web browser, whether it’s Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. A lot of website designers create pages that look great on the desktop but crawl a lot slower when viewed on a mobile device. This is especially true if your site has a lot of flashing and scrolling. Even if you have the best Flash plugin out there, it’s still important to optimize your pages so they load quickly.

Don’t use pages loaded in HTML. HTML should only be used on large web pages that are modified by robots. Large files must be stored as a PDF instead of as HTML documents, so you won’t need to download and open hundreds of pages each time you want to view a different section.

Keep your navigation simple. Many websites today are designed to appear a little too busy, so stay away from any extraneous elements.

Find your own font and color scheme. These are both more important than ever now that it’s necessary to do your own website design because the style of your design is going to match the style of your business.

Once you’ve got all of your pages designed, it’s time to get them online and into the world. Your first step is to find a hosting service that allows you to upload an FTP.

Once you have your FTP, you can set up a free website builder to build the website for you. Most people will select a template to get started, but once you’re ready, you can choose your own text, graphics, and design.

Uploading an FTP is often the most complicated part of building a new page. You need to choose a password to protect your files so you can upload them, choose your page template, and create a graphic design.

You should also sign up for an email address and an FTP account. This way, you can immediately start working on your website.

Once your pages are all created, you can customize them with simple website builder tools. You can add a Twitter or Facebook button, create a contact form, and contact information, and more.

It’s important to start designing your website today so you can start generating traffic from the moment you set up your website. This step takes less than five minutes!

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