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Essential Things To Know Before Selecting A WordPress Plugin Developer

There are many ways to find the right WordPress plugin development team and a great way is to source for the expertise through freelancing websites like Elance and oDesk. By following these three simple steps, you can source for WordPress plugin development talent through freelance sites: Write a project description on Elance. You will want to specify your needs and your desired outcome in terms of money and time. You will also want to define your deadline and when you want it delivered. Find appropriate freelance sites.

o Sell your skills on Elance. This is one of the easiest ways to find a suitable WordPress plugin developer for your project. Elance has a marketplace where thousands of people bid on various types of freelance jobs. There is a section where people describe what they want and how they want it executed. Select a few options and create a bid to specify the price you want.

o Search for WordPress plugins available on various blogs related to your topic. Find popular blog that discusses your topic niche. Search on Google for popular tags like WordPress plugins available or even using a more specific phrase like WordPress plugins. You will be surprised at the number of results that come up. Some of them may actually be genuine offers but others may be too good to be true.

o Create a profile on the freelance website. Once you have found the right candidates, write a detailed profile about your experience and skills. You can specify your area of expertise as well as your specific keywords. If you have any recent portfolio projects, you can upload them as attachments to your profile. Always include a contact form on your profile. This is an easy way to connect with a potential WordPress plugin developer.

o Create a proper set of skills requirement. The WordPress plugins vary widely in terms of functionality. Make sure you list down the most critical WordPress functionality requirements. The ability to perform specific tasks is another factor for selecting a suitable candidate.

o Check if they are registered members of online forums and professional organizations. Take a look at their profiles and see if they have released previous articles with code samples. You can get some idea by reading the archives of posted items. You can also search on Google to find out the real live people behind the WordPress blog. If there are some missing elements in their portfolio then do not hesitate to contact them through their contact form.

o Check whether the candidate is offering any source code or full code. They should offer both the options to the candidate. The full code of the plugin will be the actual source code of the plugin itself. On the other hand, the source code consists of the PHP files that make the WordPress run smoothly.

o The developer should be able to provide proper structure to your WordPress project. The WordPress installation has plenty of structure built in it. The developer should be able to customize the existing structure to fit the needs of the client. When you find the right WordPress developer who can provide full functionality, you should immediately hire them and give them a test run on your project to verify the efficiency of the custom plugin development that they are doing.

o The developer should understand how to use the different hooks in WordPress. They should have a complete understanding about all the functions available in the different hooks. The Hooks part of the WordPress core is divided into different categories like Logo hook, All-in-One Hooks, File Handling Hooks, Search Engine Hooks, Authorize plugin hook, ping plugin hook etc.

o The developers must know their functionality well. Most of the times, the WordPress developers provide correct functions but they forget to use the names of the functions very well. This makes it very difficult for the end users to know the functionality of the plugin. Therefore, the developers should provide a complete and correct set of WordPress hooks along with a clear understanding about the function names so that the plugin users can fully utilize the functions and class name accordingly.

o The developers must use unique and official keywords in their WordPress plugin. This will help them maintain consistency among the existing plugins as well. WordPress also has the facility to use custom keywords to provide a better functionality to the site. The WordPress plugin repository contains the official WordPress language file that contains all the keywords defined as well as their usage in WordPress.

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