A web designer is a person who designs websites, often for clients who need them. Web sites can be designed for personal reasons or business reasons. Some web designers are freelancers, others are hired by larger companies and others work within the confines of an organization as a staff member. Whatever the reason, web design is a very important aspect of the Internet and websites.

web designer

Web design encompasses a variety of disciplines and skills in the creation and maintenance of web pages. The various disciplines of web design focus on typography, image placement, video selection and navigation, software interface and computer aided design (CAD). There are also interaction design, user experience design and content management. The different fields of web design encompass web graphic design; web page layout; web page content; web page layout specifications; web page structure; web page content; web server side design and user interface design. Web developers, on the other hand, are responsible for programming the systems that web designers and graphic designers use to create web pages.

A web designer may specialize in one or more fields of web development. For example, a web designer may specialize in corporate intranet development, high-tech intranet development, website development, online dictionary development, e-commerce website development or any number of other fields. Many businesses will not hire a web designer, unless he or she is capable of taking the client’s design concept and implementing it into a website that will satisfy the needs of their business needs. It is therefore very important for a web designer to develop his or her skills in all the disciplines of web development before he or she will be able to take on the job.

Web developers, on the other hand, usually have a general knowledge of web development. Their job is to implement the concepts that the web designer has outlined and make them work within the constraints of the client’s specifications. The primary goal of web designers and developers is to produce a superior website that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In this respect, both have quite similar objectives but the difference lies in the methodologies, the skills, the expertise and the professionalism of the professionals involved.

The primary objective of a web designer is to put his or her ideas into words using the most appropriate language and tools in the chosen field. A web designer can use the most appropriate programming languages and tools, for instance, Java, php, Perl, Python, JavaScript, coffee, HTML, CSS, Flash, PHP, HTML5, ASP and more. Some developers choose to use additional languages and tools to extend their work. Some web designers may even use proprietary databases, image galleries, image manipulation software and so forth. Web developers, however, tend to stick to what they know, i.e., HTML, CSS and Java.

Web browsers support the majority of the world’s popular computer languages including ASP, Cold Fusion, Perl and PHP. These computer languages are the most common programming languages used today. In other words, websites are viewed through web browsers with the help of a web browser. It is a very efficient way to build websites because it uses less server side scripts than websites built using Java, css, ruby, JavaScript or other scripting languages. Furthermore, websites that were built using web browsers have an advantage over websites that were constructed using other technologies because they are served directly from the servers without having to go through the various layers of servers.

A web designer uses the server-side scripting languages to construct and maintain the HTML, PHP, JavaScript, images, videos and other dynamic web pages of the websites. These dynamic web pages are created by interpreting instructions sent by the client-side programming languages. This is why there is a close relationship between web designers and web developers. The job of a web designer is to take a basic idea or a concept and transform it into a functioning and aesthetically pleasing online web application.

Web developers, on the other hand, focus more on coding. They play a critical role in the creation of the website but do not actually create the content of the web pages. Web developers use various scripting languages, such as JavaScript, ASP, Cold Fusion, Perl and PHP to transform information that the client has provided. Web developers use special software to create web pages, such as Microsoft FrontPage or Dreamweaver, and use images, videos, text and graphics to make the pages look attractive. Both web designer and web developer have their own distinct roles and responsibilities.

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