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5 Things a Good WordPress Plugin Developer Can Do Right

How do you hire a WordPress developer? You will need to describe your requirements and work out a detailed project plan. Once you have written out a project plan, interview and shortlist a few WordPress developers. Make sure to follow up the interviews with price quotations and samples of their work.

The three most important factors that you should consider when hiring a WordPress developer are: price, personality and modifiable code. A reasonable price is a must! The lowest price should be the bottom line, and the best WordPress developers would never compromise on quality. Remember, you might not be able to get your work done for the lowest price. In fact, you might end up with an inferior product, delivered late and with far too many bugs.

Personality is more important than coding skills. As a WordPress plugin developer, you will be dealing with clients who will be using your plugin’s day-to-day. You should know what you are talking about and be able to explain it in simple language. If you don’t really like the topic you will be dealing with, you won’t last long.

Codifiable code is an essential quality of a WordPress developer job. You will be required to write new plugins, maintain and upgrade existing plugins, design the new ones and troubleshoot the old ones. This is a huge responsibility, but it is one that you can easily accomplish with the right set of skills. If you already have existing plugins, you will be able to transfer them into a WordPress format. If you don’t have existing plugins, you will have to start from scratch.

Being able to follow a simple design would also be advantageous. Many people creating WordPress plugins underestimate this very important aspect. While basic HTML is necessary for most WordPress developers, there are certain situations where you may want or need to add more code. This is especially true for developing plugins for the most popular plugins. The best way to test your own comprehension of basic design is to do a few freelance projects to see how much HTML and code you can write in a short period of time.

Another aspect of good WordPress developer is understanding global variables and global paths. A global variable is one that a single plugin can refer to while in the “read only” mode. Global paths allow you to create shortcuts within your code without having to create a series of global aliases. A WordPress developer must have knowledge of both of these aspects if they expect to be able to successfully develop and maintain numerous plugins. They must be able to understand the various use cases for each plugin and how they interact with each other.

A poorly designed plugin can cause major problems for your website and your visitors. As much as possible, WordPress users would prefer to use WordPress plugins that are well designed, operate properly, and are easy to install. WordPress users are always looking for easy-to-use, functional plugins that solve common problems. While a great plugin might look great on its own, it won’t be as useful if its functionality has been affected by poor design.

It is essential to remember that WordPress features many different types of plugins, all of which share common functions. Even if one plugin solves a problem, it is possible that another plugin will do so even better. The WordPress developers’ job is to make all these plugins as easy to use as possible. While a poorly designed plugin might be the reason why users uninstall your plugin in the future, poorly designed global variables or path configurations could be the reason why a future version of your plugin will not function as desired.

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